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How to improve scrum values in the team

I was reading this 2016 article from Dave West, which is very interesting since he suggests some simple ideas to improve scrum value in the team:

  1. Put the values on a wall and have each team member write up how they are going to demonstrate the value in their working day.
  2. Add a ‘values moment’ to your retrospective. This gives everyone an opportunity to inspect and adapt on their values.

you can 3 find more on the Dave’s article.


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Keeping Retrospective fresh

Today i was attending an interesting webinar about the topic “Keeping Retrospective fresh”, here my notes.

Why do we retrospect?

First of all it’s clear we make retrospectives not because the Scrum guide says we should, but because we want to understand and improve performance!


Warning signs of ineffective retrospectives & root causes

Because doing things is not the same as getting things done

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